General Health and Safety

In addition to fire prevention, water management and chemical storage, here are a few more things to remember in the laundry room:

  • The laundry room should be a no-play zone for kids and pets. Pets and their food should not be kept in the laundry room for extended periods (such as nighttime) to prevent the risk of consuming poisonous chemicals.
  • Be smart when loading your laundry. Don’t try to shove your appliances to the brim, as this may damage the machines and could lead to fires or water leakage.
  • Follow all safety precautions included with cleaning products and laundry room appliances.
  • Transporting laundry should be done with common sense: don’t try to lug around a huge mound of clothes when two or three trips allow easier mobility and sight.
  • Clean any spills as soon as possible on tile or linoleum flooring to prevent falls.
  • Don’t keep laundry hampers in hazardous locations (i.e., staircases, around corners, in doorways).